Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well, we had our first craft show of the season today.  Low turnout and only sold two things, but we were approached by an Assistant Manager of a new art store about placing some of our items in their shop.  They have a gallery of local artisans and seem to really promote handmade.  What an honor!  We will definitely be checking this out and getting more information.

Here is our table for the show.  I was very happy with the way the table turned out, not too crowded with merchandise.

If you read my last post, you know that we are expanding our inventory with frames and clocks.  {By the way, my daughter loves her clock!}  I made a second clock with faux leather and turquoise, and have drawn up some more ideas for others.

I'll be listing this one soon on our ArtFire site.

Also made a few more frames, something else I really love doing.  Though I never took any formal art classes {other than those in Junior High!}, I love coming up with ideas, sketching them and making them a reality.  

I really need to get a DREAM Machine so I can make larger pieces.  A DREAM Machine {made by Polymer Clay Express} is a large pasta machine that can condition larger sheets of clay.  My current machines measure five and seven inches wide.  The DREAM Machine is 10 inches wide.    

Here is a new frame with faux leather technique and an impressed butterfly.  

Till next time....stay safe and be happy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Ideas

Mid March already!  Wow, I can't believe we have our first show in 2 weeks.  I have been trying to branch out with my polymer clay, making different items in addition to jewelry.  If you'd like, look at my recent post about the frames we are now making.

It's always nice to meet with other clayers to share ideas and techniques, and to see what wonderful works these artisans have been making.  Here are a few pictures from some of our member's.


The theme for this month's meeting was clocks.  A few member's made clock's prior to the meeting.  Aren't they beautiful???

I started mine at the meeting and finally finished it tonight.  This one is for my daughter that is moving to North Carolina.  8^(  I don't know if I can wait until Christmas to give it to her!!!

This may be something I could get into!  It was a lot of fun coming up with the design and seeing it come to life.  Hmmm, guess I have to put my thinking cap on and see what else Ican get inspired to make.

Til next time, stay safe and enjoy this beautiful weather {If you are lucky enough to be experiencing early Spring like we are!}

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Green week

The topic for this week's Smooshers blog roll is green.  Ahhh, just the thought brings to mind warmer weather {though I must say, we have had a pretty mild winter here!}.  There are so many shades of green; sea green, lime green, kelly green, forest green, turquoise green.....the list goes on and on.  I love looking through the Smooshers designs to see how they interpret and use color in their art.  

This lovely cross necklace is from Christina Kosinski Designs.  Almost looks like jade, doesn't it?

In the mood for some fantasy jewelry??  Check out Desert Rubbles designs, like this sculpted dragon wing.

What a beautiful necklace!  This one is from Tonja's Treasures. 

This is just a sampling of the great things you can find when you visit the Polymer Clay Smooshers of ArtFire!  So, why not take some time, put your feet up and explore.  Here is the link to the Smooshers blog, where you will find the list of the artists, that link to their ArtFire store.

Til next time......

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I finally had some extra time to get some of my new frames posted on my ArtFire site.  This first one was inspired by the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild Celtic challenge.  I have seen several tutorials for faux leather and just love the look.  I combined this with one of my celtic knot stamps and voila!  What do you think?

My daughter saw another frame I made using a sort of flower stamp.  Green is her favorite color and she loves sunflowers, which the stamp reminded her of.  So, she asked me to make her one.  Of course, I did, however when she saw it, she said it didn't look like a sunflower at all.  Oh well, I still like it.

I have a lot more ideas on other frames to make and want to start making them larger.  Here is a bigger one that is not finished yet.  It's made with stamped clay brushed with copper pearlex powder, that I cut into pieces for a mosaic type style.  Have to finish the grouting yet.

It's the first time I have attempted this technique, so I am still critiquing the outcome.  May have to tweek some here and there on my next one, and learn, right?

Til next time...