Sunday, August 11, 2013

Work, work, work......

I meant to get a lot of claying done this past week.  However, we had a flood downstairs and I have been dealing with clean-up, insurance, plumbers, etc.  Between my regular job and the mess, it left little time to create!

I'm slowly building up my stock on buttons.  I have a cricut and cut out some cards to attach the buttons to.  I initially used a larger stamp {the black and grey buttons on the right}, with initials of my company, then switched to smaller letters, which I think look better.  My goal is to get a stamp with my logo; just need to find out if I can incorporate the entire design on a stamp no wider than an inch.  I think that will make the card look a lot more professional.
I made a second pendant with my cameo mold.  I actually used leftover clay for the mold, thinking I would cover it with silver pearlex powder.  While lightly sanding the piece, the powder on the background came off and now you can see the "marbled" background.  I need to decide if I want to make the background a little darker to cover the clay now showing or for contrast.  I textured and brushed the black back piece with pearlex powder and applied small swarovsky crystals at the corners to add some subtle bling.
Years ago, I was playing around with clay and made an owl.  It has been sitting, doing nothing since.  Well, now you see them everywhere; we even saw them all over the place when we went to Gatlinburg in July.  So, I am making more.  My goal is to make them in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Because football season is just around the corner, my first new piece is done in Raven's colors!  I wanted to make a pendant that could be used as a necklace, as well as a pin.  I made the bail from 20 gauge non tarnish silver colored copper wire and elevated the area for the pin to allow it to sit right.  The only thing left it to sand and polish with liquid wax.
Finally, last weekend, I bought some clear repositionable window decals, in the hopes of making one for my car.  What better way to advertise, right??  Well, as the windows are tinted, you couldn't see the first decal I made.  So, I decided to print a color copy and place that between two of the clear decals.  Not sure how well it will hold up, I may have cut the clear paper too small to keep closed.  It's lasted a week, with a lot of rain. 
I would love to find a large enough magnet sheet or white blank decal to use.  I may have to see what I can find online to order one.

Well, it's back to creating today.  At least for a few hours.

Til next time, be happy and stay safe.....

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The cool days of August

It's only a few days into August and we are having beautiful weather.  All the windows are open and the breeze is blowing in.  It almost feels like the start of Fall...and I love it!

We had a show recently at a local fire hall flea market.  There were a lot of open spaces; we aren't sure why so many people didn't show, unless they were anticipating storms.  The week before was pretty wet.  Even the customers were few and far between.  There were vendors with flea market items as well as some crafters. 

Here's a shot of our set-up....
We decided to go light with our items, due to the possibility of a storm mixed with the projected heat and short show hours. 

I dedicated one table to my polymer and kumihimo...
The other table had a mix of beaded jewelry and polymer frames, bowls, buttons and a clock...
The day was slow but our neighbor vendor mentioned a Fall show coming up in October.  I hadn't heard of the show before, but, was able to speak to the coordinator of the show and learned it was a two day event at a large fairground. 

The application for the show is complete and now the rush is on to build up my inventory.  I'm hoping the location and size of this show brings in a lot of shoppers getting ready for Christmas.  Stay tuned to see what's been on my work table.

Til next time, be happy and stay safe...........