Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hand made Viking Knit tool

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I was lucky enough to have the week off.  One would think I would have been very productive.  Not!  This is the first vacation I've had that I did virtually nothing.  Watched some movies, did some Viking was great.

I did manage to spend some time in my studio today.  I've watched a lot of videos the past few weeks on Viking Knit and was thinking about how I could make my own tool, without having to bend wires and use tape!  The idea came to me one night as I was trying to go to sleep.  {Don't all good ideas come then!!}  Luckily, I remembered my idea and made a tool that didn't require any extra wires or tape.  Of all the video's I've watched, I haven't seen anything quite like this, so I decided to make a tutorial of my own.      

This was my first attempt at making a video for You Tube.  All in all I think it turned out pretty good...I found a way to make it using my Picasa 3 editing program.  Next time, I may try a speaking tutorial, who knows??!!?

If you like, feel free to add comments, questions or ideas to the video.

Til next time, stay safe and be happy!

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