Thursday, July 18, 2013

The muse continues

I can't tell you what a difference it makes to have a dedicated space for my work.  I have been able to spend time, each evening, working on my inventory.

At a recent show, a man asked if I had any cameo pins, as he wanted to buy one for his mother.  This was the second request I had for a pin in the last two shows.  Well, that got me thinking that I may need to expand my stock.

I happened to have a cameo pendant, so I made a mold and started to work.  Here is the final result...
Now, the photo makes the pin look huge, but it's actually a little more than an inch and a half in diameter.  It has a lot of detail on the base, which I highlighted with copper gilders paste.  A simple twist of black finishes the edge.

Historically, cameos are actually carvings of a raised design in one color, on a background of a contrasting color.   When I think of them, I usually think vintage Victorian jewelry.  Truth is, they go wayyy back to ancient times, some dating back to the 3rd century B.C.  Initially hand carved, now-a-days, cameos can be carved by hand or with a machine.  Google cameos and you will find a multitude of photos.  I really admire the skill and artistry required to complete these beautiful pieces.

I have some more cameos I am working on, and decided to break from the traditional white on black.  I mixed up some faux jade {thank you Cindy Lietz for the great tutorial!} and finish them for the show we have Saturday.

Here's what I need to finish sanding, buffing and putting on the background....
I'm hoping that when these cameo pieces are nice and shiny, they pop!  Also pictured are a few extra faux jade pieces and some more buttons. 

Till next time, stay safe and be happy.

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