Saturday, July 13, 2013

Been a while

Well, I know it's been a long time since I last posted.  Things have been busy around here; between work, shows, birthday parties, vacations, and, my daughter deciding to move to Florida {she took my 2 year old grandson. 8^( }  I must admit, I lost my muse for a while there.  

Had a break and went to Gatlinburg, TN, for a week, then to Kingsport, TN, for a family reunion.  I may have posted in the past about the Great Smoky Mountains, but, I need to once again say how beautiful they are.  There is something about that area that really relaxes me. 

This is the view of Gatlinburg from the top of the Sky Lift. 
We took a day and drove over the Smokies to Cherokee NC.  The morning drive was pretty foggy and you couldn't really see the views from the overlooks.  Going back was clear and the mountain views were breath taking!  If you ever have the opportunity to visit this area of the country, you won't be dissappointed.  What a place to relax, unwind and reconnect.

Gatlinburg has an eight mile stretch of craft shops with all sorts of artisans.  You can find anything from scented candles, to wood working, handmade lamp shades, and jewelry, to name a few.  Going through them, I finally got my muse back. 

Once home, I got to work on setting up my craft room.  Since my daughter moved, I now had a room to delegate to my crafts.  The first thing I had to do was make some tables.  I have been thinking, for weeks, on what I wanted and already had the room organized in my head.  It took two days, but with help from my 15 year old {and several trips to Home Depot!}, the tables were finally done.  With plans to have my grand daughter down for a few days, I wanted to be able to use the room {I'm teaching her to clay.}  I didn't have time to paint the tables, and actually can't decide if I want to paint them or stain them.
They may not look like much, but, I am very pleased and proud with the results.  I even put mitered corner trim along the edges!  As you can see, the tables are already loaded.  I have space for my Dream Machine {the larger pasta machine on the left corner of the front table}, and set up one of my old Amaco's for my grand daughter {on the right}.  The table against the wall holds my Cricut and laptop, along with other supplies.  I still need some shelves and a little better organization so I don't have to rummage through drawers, but, that will come.  You can just see a futon on the lower right corner, but, I plan to make another table for my sewing machines when I can figure out where to put the futon.  Another plus, now that I have a separate designated craft space, my kitchen has finally been de-junked.

I've spent the last two days working on new items and am planning on adding buttons, mosaics, and am going to attempt polymer stained glass look for small glass vessels to use with tea lights.  Below are the first buttons I finished, and another mod cane just made.
 All in all, it's been a very pleasant two weeks and I look forward to using my new space for many creative endeavors.

Til next time, stay safe and be happy.

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