Monday, April 15, 2013


If you do any art, you may experience what most artists do, at one time or another.  After a day of claying yesterday, I woke this morning and gazed at the mod cane bowl I made.  I just wasn't happy with the way it looked.  I decided to add a purple background and feet to elevate the bowl.

Here is the result......

To me, the purple background makes the bowl a little more striking, and the feet give it a larger appearance.  I'm very pleased with this redo!

On a roll, I made another bowl using some leftover leopard cane I had.  This time, I added a brown background and round feet covered with the leopard print.  The shape is still free form and wavy, but a little more symmetrical.

I also decided to polish the bowls with liquid wax and love the shine!!

Til next time, stay safe and be happy.

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