Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gotta luv purple!

This weeks blog roll, for the Polymer Clay Smoosher's is purple.  I know you may have heard this before, but purple really is my favorite color.  Might have a little something to do with our hometown football team....The Ravens!  

Purple is often associated with royalty in a lot of cultures.  I just learned purple was the favorite color of Cleopatra.  Anyone remember the group Deep Purple, or the song Purple Rain?  The lavender plant has multiple uses; oils for perfumes, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, and relaxation to name a few.  And, last but far from least, the Purple Heart is a decoration awarded to U.S. Military wounded in battle. 

 In my opinion, there is no other color that is quite so rich or relaxing.

Look at this beautiful pendant by ArtMakers Worlds.

Love cats?  Here is a cute one sleeping by TTE Designs.

Another example of the versatility of polymer clay by TinaHolden Design.

SecondSister at MoArk Jewelry made this necklace.

You can see the talent of the Smooshers by following this link:

Til next time, stay safe and be happy.


  1. What a wonderful post! Purple is my favorite color too, and we must really think along the same lines because I chose several of the same items for the Smooshers purple post ;-)

  2. Great collection next to pink pupae is a favorite. Great picks. :)

  3. Purple is one of my favorites too and I love your pictures of the many shades and forms in this article. :-)