Friday, September 16, 2011

Gettin chilly!

What a beautiful, crisp, very cool Friday morning I woke to!  It's continued through the day and now it's a very cool Friday evening.  I'll admit it, I put my heat on.  Yikes, and technically, it's still summer.  I love the feel of fall and am looking forward to all the trees changing.  It's time to start working to get ready for a few shows in November. Don't really have anything planned for this weekend, so it may be a good time to further organize my work space and see what I have.  Then I'll be able to devote time to claying and creating.

The only problem with polymer clay is the multitude of uses and techniques there are!  So many great artisans have developed their own styles and there are so many different products that you can incorporate into your design, it boggles the mind.  Since starting my journey with clay, a little over a year ago, I have picked up so many tips, techniques and possibilities that it seems like I'll never have time to try everything.  Just when I think I have found one technique that I want to focus on, I stumble on another one.  As a result, I have many works underway and don't give myself the time to really master any one.  That is going to change.  My goal is to develop my skills in an area until I make pieces that rival those of the true polymer experts.  {I just hope I live that long!}

On another note, the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild has closed.  I was not a member for that long, but really appreciate the time and effort the administrators put into keeping the guild up and running.  Through them I have become more aware of resources out there for promoting ones art and have had the pleasure of seeing other artisans beautiful and truly unique designs.  So, Star, I thank you and I wish everyone well. 

Till next time....Remember; Life is short and time is precious for us all.  Make sure you are happy in whatever you decide to do, take nothing for granted and, yes, take time to stop and smell the roses.  Take care of yourself first, then you will be better able to care for others.

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  1. As you know I had to leave the guild in August. I think CreativeCritters is going to try to get something going.

    My 1st love with polymer clay was sculpting but I love playing with different techniques. I tend to do one technique at a time before I move on to the next one. If I really like one I go back to it a lot, like I do with mica shift. Email me and I'll give you a link to a bunch of cool techniques to play with.