Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying goodbye to 2011

Well, it's almost here.....2012.  Wow, last year flew by.  2011 saw the birth of a fourth grandchild, a boy, who grows more beautiful each day.  He is always smiling and happy and brings joy to my heart.  We were limited in the number of shows we were able to do, but, I continued to work with my polymer clay.  

I know we all hold dreams and wishes for the new year, some make resolutions, others wish for things like good health and happiness.  My wish, in addition to health and happiness, is for more room and time to continue my clay journey as well as inspiration to continue to develop unique designs that bring joy to those who buy my pieces.   Whatever your wishes or resolutions may be, I hope you are successful in your endeavors. 

Happy New Year!

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