Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday show

It was a gorgeous day for a long as one had some shade.  Nice breeze, plenty of people, just a few sales.  But, what else would you do on a Saturday?  I certainly didn't feel like cleaning!!  One of the things I've learned about crafters is, they are really nice people.  Met a few the past two weeks.  It made the days even better. 

Our site on the grounds of the fire department.  It was nice to have the car right there.  Sorry about the glare on the picture, had to use my cell phone because I forgot my camera.

This is Sara, another vendor at today's show.  She makes the cutest baby gifts.  We were both a little slow with traffic, so we ended up bartering a onesy for my grandson for the pendant she is wearing.  It worked out well for both of us!  Check her out at 

No more shows for a while, so I need to rearrange my crafting area.  Will probably move it downstairs so I have more room to spread out and, hopefully, get a little better organized.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

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